Afghanistan's metal scrap collectors

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PARWAN DISTRICT, AFGHANISTAN - MAY 16. .Twelve-year-old Azizadullah (at left) sifts through a pile of shrapnel, live bullets, bullet casings and rocket parts at this home in Parwan province. Many in his community, which is located next to Bagram airbase about an hour's drive northeast from the capital Kabul, collect this metal from test sites and mine fields in order to sell their findings as scrap metal to local traders. U.S. bullet casings sell for 80 Afghani per Kilo. 7 Kilograms of shrapnel sell for up to $100 Afghani. Rocket-propelled grenade casings sell for $80 Afghani each (50 Afghani is roughly $1.10 dollars). ..The U.S. air force regularly conducts missile tests on the mountain range close to this community. According to some of the locals, because of the sandy ground surrounding these mountains, a percentage of these rockets do not explode. As a result, many local residents are getting injured as they graze their animals or go out collecting metal parts in this area. There is no fence surrounding this fire range - Two concrete blast walls (with warning signs written in english and washed out by the Afghan sun) are the only deterrents for local residents. (Javier Manzano / For The Washington Post). ..