Afghanistan's security bubble

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Afghan Security Forces peek through a corner onto a building where suspected insurgents launched one of many gun battles in Kabul today. Heavy weapons fire and rocket-propelled explosions could be heard across the Afghan capital city of Kabul on April 15th, 2012. ..Several targets were hit by alleged insurgents in and around the Shahre Naw and in Shash Darak areas of Kabul, where at least one rocket/mortar impacted the vicinity of the International Security Assistance Forces Headquarters. Heavy gunfire and explosions detonated around the Kabul Star Hotel and Azizi Bank (close to ISAF HQ). The gunfire began when an unconfirmed number of insurgents drove an SUV through the doors of a 5-story building (currently under construction) and used it as a base to launch attacks on ANSF and Norwegian Military Forces (who came to assist the Afghan Security forces). Casualties include one ANSF dead, four ANSF injured and an IMF wounded. ..It has further been confirmed that besides the attack at the Parliament complex earlier in the afternoon, ANSF interdicted a second tier attack in the vicinity of the 2nd Vice-President's residence and arrested two AOG equipped with BBIEDs and another infantry operative in the location..According to an ISAF press release, the attacks, which were concentrated in three clusters around the city, were  labeled  by the Taliban as the start of the so-called ?Spring Offensive? and were largely ineffective. .The attacks began just before 2:00 p.m. and consisted primarily of RPG and small arms fire.  Afghan Crisis Response Units along with Afghan police  and Army forces deployed to repel the attacks that resulted in light casualties while killing or capturing many of  the  suicide attackers in a matter of hours...National Directorate of Security announced that they had captured two suicide bombers alive before they were able to reach their intended targets. ..ISAF quick reaction forces were prepared to respond if required but were not needed.