Afghanistan's security bubble

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Members of1st Platoon, Chosen Company, 3-509 Infantry Airborne and Afghan Uniformed Police do a night patrol on one of the main suspected smuggling routes in northern Paktiya province. On December of 2011 members of 1st Platoon, Chosen Company, 3-509 Infantry Airborne out of Fort Richardson Alaska took over combat outpost Herrera in the Paktiya province of eastern Afghanistan. This combat outpost lies in the Jaji district of Paktiya and is expected to be one of the most volatile areas of 2012 (due to its mountainous terrain and proximity to Pakistan's lawless North Waziristan, the independent tribal area where most of the Haqqani Taliban network is suspected to be based out of). Several smuggling routes run through these mountains passes and are used by insurgents to transport weapons and explosives materials which are then used to launch attacks on ISF/ANSF and Kabul itself. ©Javier Manzano