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Free Syria Army soldiers unload two plastic tanks used to carry petrol to supply the villagers around the Al Kassab region of northwestern Syria...The Al Kassab region of northwestern Syria is considered the front line in the war against the Assad regime in this region of the country. This is the home to many sunni Muslims that are suffering the brunt of the shelling by the Assad army and air force - electricity was cut off months ago and basic food items along with petrol and potable water are increasingly in short supply. ..Still, the many groups that compose the Free Syria Army (FSA) in this region press on as the winter months approach. Most of the members of the FSA in this area are farmers, cell phone salesmen, clerks, carpenters, school teachers - most of them had little or no combat experience prior to joining the opposition army. Weapons and ammunition are also increasingly hard to come by as the price for bullets has skyrocketed since the conflict began 18 months ago. Rumors of an assault on this region by the Assad regime are part of everyday conversation in the villages that for the past few weeks have managed to keep the regime's army tanks and infantry out of their homes. ..© Javier Manzano