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Members of the local Free Syrian Army, along with civilians from the neighborhood look up to the sky as they attempt to predict what the Fighter Jet circling above them is going to do next. Armed with simple kalishnikovs, the Free Syrian Army can do little except watch as the aircraft turns to deliver its last bomb load before switching to its 50 caliber machine gun. ..After residents from the northern Syrian town of Al Bab organized a peaceful protest at "Freedom Square" (a main square renamed after the revolution began 18 months ago) a fighter jet from the Assad air force began to circle above the city. As the people scattered, a blast was heard followed by three other explosions. The fighter jet made at least 6 passes as it fired its 50 caliber  machine gun on the neighborhood below. Doctors at the local underground hospital did not allow this reporter access to the facility because of the load of patients coming in. Unconfirmed reports by the FSA spokesperson in Kilis say that 7 people died and 50 were injured. ..Photo: Javier Manzano / August 31, 2012