The Syrian civil war

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Members of the Al-Baraa Bin Malek Katiba, a part of the Free Syria Army under the Al-Fatah brigade, attempt to rescue a man who was shot by a sniper positioned in a building across the street on a main road that crosses the Bustan Al-Bashar district of Aleppo on October 20, 2012. Several vehicles drove past this man as he looked up in desperation (no one stopped because of the risk of being shot by the sniper). At a moment's notice, the man stood up and began to run towards the members of the Free Syria Army. As he approached the other side of the street, he was shot a second time, falling to the ground. Free Syria Army soldiers crawled through the ground to reach him and pulled them towards a vehicle that rushed him to the hospital. It is not known if he survived. Three civilians were shot on this main road in the space of three hours by the same sniper. ..© Javier Manzano............