The Syrian civil war

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Wheat flour shortages around the rebel-controlled areas of Aleppo have created long lines outside the Free Syria Army bread stores that are managed and operated across the opposition-controlled neighborhoods of Aleppo. The FSA operates hundreds of these bakeries but a shortage of fuel (benzine - which is used to operate the generators that run the bakeries) compounded by the wheat flour have created an escalating food shortage. "We have not had bread for 4 days now" said an elderly man standing outside of the bakery. According to many activists inside Syria, most of the wheat flour factories are in areas controlled by the Assad regime, which is effectively cutting the supply of basic food essentials to the population that lives in areas controlled by the opposition. Moreover, many of the bakeries operated by the Free Syria Army have been shelled by mortar fire since the conflict engulfed the city of Aleppo in mid July. Two days ago, a total of 52 people died in the Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood when several mortar shells landed in the area - one artillery shell blasted across the street from a bakery. This was one of at least two similar incidents witnessed by this reporter this week...Several international NGO's are warning of a possible food crisis across rebel-controlled Syria in the winter months. Chants of "Allahu Akbar" echo through the dark streets as the generator that runs the bakery comes to life only to become silent again. In the meantime, children burn trash to provide heat next to the line of people waiting outside the bakery. This fire is the only lights that glow at night  in the opposition side of city - electricity was cut ten days ago leaving people without the means to heat their homes as the temperatures drop in the early days of December...It was midnight when most people waiting in line lost hope and began to walk home. No benzine, no bread...12/05/2012 - Shaar neighborhoo, Aleppo, Syria...©Javier Manzano