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A total of 29 bodies were unloaded from an unmarked truck as they waited to be buried in a mass grave at the San Rafael Cemetery in the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on the afternoon of April 20, 2010. Twenty five men and four women of various ages rested under the afternoon sun before being unloaded into their respective final burial grounds. These are part of the many unclaimed bodies that pile up on the city morgue each month. Every three to four months, the city moves these bodies to one of a handful of cemeteries that serve as the final resting site for those who's family members have not stepped forward to lay claim to them. ..A genetic map is performed to each body, in the eventuality that relatives might come forward in the future to lay claim to their loved ones. Each coffin, made out of compressed and recycled wood, is assigned a serial number to help officials determine the identity of the remains as they compare this to their assigned DNA map. ..Some of the bodies buried on this day, were from people who were originally from other parts of the country. ..©Javier Manzano