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A twelve-year-old Mixteco girl looks out the window of the DIF (Integral Family Development) worker?s van, as she was picked up by DIF social workers to prevent her from selling arts and crafts to the tourists of Ensenada Mexico. Child labor is viewed by the city officials as something bad for tourism, tainting the image of this sunny port-town. As a consequence, they attempt to clean the city by rounding up these children and taking them to a small school where they are fed and allowed to roam for a few hours until it?s time for them to go home with their mothers. The loss of income that these families endure because of the implementation of this program far outweighs the benefits of a free meal for some. Moreover, some of these children suffer severe beatings for not working as part of the family economy. ..For most of them, life is split between two countries. On the one side, most of them live with their single mothers, as immigration to the United States has become the common denominator for these internal migrants. On the other, they rely on the dollars that tourists bring to their local economies, making this a strange but necessary symbiosis. ..Ensenada, Mexico. 09/12/04