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The battle for control over Syria's commercial capital, the city of Aleppo, arrived on July 19th, 2012 as part of the wider Syrian Civil War engulfing most regions of the country today. In the case of Aleppo, the Free Syria Army (FSA) has been engaged in a long and protracted war against superior fire-power and resources. Despite this, the FSA has managed to hold and in many cases push back the government loyalist forces in several key fronts in the city. ..A commander belonging to the Haleb Al-Shabah katiba under Liwa Al-Tawhid waits for his forces to re-group as ammunition shortages became apparent during a battle to hold the line at the Al-Amarya district of Aleppo on November 13, 2012. Government forces attempted to break the frontline early in the morning and were met with heavy resistance throughout the day. The Assad soldiers mounted an attack with tanks, mortars and light weapons fire but the rebels held their ground. ..©Javier Manzano