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Members of the Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) meet with their American counterparts that live in the next-door base - the AUP are housed in what was once a school that was almost destroyed when the Taliban attempted to overrun the adjacent American base in 2011. The commander of the AUP, Arman Shaah is in the foreground. Combat Operating Post Zerok - manned by members of Attack Company, 1-28 IN, 4IBCT/1ID is located in Eastern Paktika - this area comprises what is referred to as the "Zadran Arc", an area populated by the Zadran tribe of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the leader of the Haqqani network, one of Afghanistan's deadliest insurgent movements. COP Zerok, Paktika, Afghanistan 2012. (PHOTO: Javier Manzano).